Sexual Abuse: A sudden change in a child’s behavior can indicate child sexual abuse.

For example – a quiet child becomes boisterous / an outgoing child becomes withdrawn.

Keep in mind that these behaviors may be signs of other crises. In any case it is important to address any sign of serious behavior change. Listen well!

Behavioral Indicators of Sexual Abuse:

  1. Age-inappropriate sexual play with toys, self or others displaying explicit sexual acts
  2. Age-inappropriate, sexually explicit drawings and/or descriptions
  3. Bizarre, sophisticated or unusual sexual knowledge
  4. Bedwetting in a child who has been previously dry
  5. Fears and phobias
  6. Self-destructive behavior
  7. Acting more infantile
  8. Abrupt change in behavior, uncharacteristic anger, isolation or withdrawal
  9. Difficulty walking or sitting
  10. Depression, crying over insignificant matters
  11. Fear of bathroom
  12. Fear of a certain person
  13. Exhibiting violent behavior
  14. Wearing many layers of clothing
  15. Excessive bathing or poor hygiene
  16. Eating disorders
  17. Passive or overly pleasing behavior
  18. Nightmares
  19. Sleeps too much or too little
  20. Statements that their bodies are dirty or damaged

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