We Care. We Listen. We Act.

Our Mission

Family Support Line’s core mission is to advance the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Our continuum of services helps children and families get the help they need to be safe, heal, break the cycle of abuse, and thrive. We also help ensure that professionals who work with children and families have the support, training, and resources they need to recognize and respond to allegations of abuse, as well as meet the needs of children and families affected by sexual abuse.  

  • We run the Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center (DCCAC), which coordinates the multidisciplinary response in cases of suspected sexual abuse and provides a supportive, child-friendly environment where victims of abuse can talk about their experience and get the support they and their families need.
  • The highly trained clinicians in our Treatment Program offer specialized individual, group, and family therapy for child and adolescent survivors of sexual abuse and their families at no cost to families.
  • Our Abuse Prevention & Education Program empowers children and adults to recognize risky situations, report abuse, and connect with appropriate services.
  • Through our Professional Training Program, professionals working in mental health, child welfare, education, law enforcement, and other disciplines receive in-depth trainings that enhance their ability to protect children, help families heal, and strengthen the community’s response to abuse. 


We strive to lead with values and beliefs that benefit children and families of all races, ethnicities, abilities, and backgrounds.


We work across systems and disciplines to advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Delaware County communities, throughout Pennsylvania, and across the nation.

We care. We listen. We act.


Family Support Line advances the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.


Family Support Line is proactive in addressing child sexual abuse.  We emphasize abuse prevention, early intervention, and helping families heal.

We are committed to professional collaboration and maintaining a supportive environment where children feel safe talking about abuse.  

We care. We listen. We act. 


Here at Family Support Line, we take pride in setting staff and client goals that make help and healing possible for those who have experienced this trauma.

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Family Support Line was founded in 1984, when a group of social service professionals and private citizens joined together to establish a program that addressed the unique needs of families impacted by child sexual abuse. These volunteers ran groups providing support and healing for children and non-offending parents, as well as reunification support.

By 1987, it was clear that demand for these services exceeded the volunteers’ capacity. A stable base of operations was needed.  This led to the founding of Family Support Line of Delaware County, Inc. in 1988. 


Family Support Line is a recipient of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations’ (PANO) Seal of Excellence for successfully completing their rigorous Standards for Excellence® accreditation program. The Standards for Excellence offers tools and resources to empower nonprofits to meet the highest standards of governance, management and operations.

Family Support Line is a registered 501 (c)(3) charity in the state of Pennsylvania. The official registration and financial information of the organization may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999.

Meet the Team

Sarah Gibbons, MSS, MLSP

Executive Director

Lesi Elbirn

DCCAC Family Advocate

Mary Anne Eves


Hannah Fitzgerald

DCCAC Family Advocate

Kelly Ace, PhD, JD

Program Director

Molly Hampson

Development Coordinator

Dale Morgan

Operations Coordinator

Alicia Brough, MEd

Group Leader

Madelyn Madary

Intake Coordinator

Patricia Obilo-Azandegbe, MEd, LPC


Stephanie Scroggins


Caroline Tamaccio, BA

Group Leader, Program Associate

Crystal Gray

DCCAC Program Director

Tyhesha Johnson

Operations Assistant

Jovanni Velez

Forensic Interviewer

Mary Hove, MS

Group Leader

Alice Hasbrouck, PsyD

Group Leader

Laura Lowman, LCSW, RPT


Scott Cohen, MSW, LCSW


Board of Directors

Executive Board

Grant Gegwich, MA
Independence Blue Cross

Vice President
Mitch Vidovich
Independence Blue Cross

Sherry Smyth
Dunwoody Village

Meg Grant
Keystone First


Jonathan Becker
Eckell Sparks

Jennifer Furjanic
Dunwoody Village

Keighan Gunther

Michael Lynch 
Lynch Investment Planning

Sandra Lutz, CPA 
Wipfli LLC, Retired

Drew Miller
The Graham Company

Katherine Parghi 
Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel Univerity

Lou Robinson
Prudential Financial, Retired

Curt Sayers
Dunwoody Village

Kevin Smith
The Graham Company

Lori Trevlyn
Community Volunteers in Medicine

Danielle Yoch 
Montrose Park Advisors

The Family Support Line’s Board of Directors consists of dedicated, passionate individuals from the community who volunteer their time to the mission of Family Support Line. Meeting bi-monthly, board members have valuable leadership and strategic planning responsibilities, advising Family Support Line leaders about the organization’s policies, programs, financial management and more. Board members also serve as ambassadors for Family Support Line, representing the organization at community events and helping to raise awareness of Family Support Line in the community. 

All our Board members generously donate their time, talent and resources.

Thank You to our Sponsors

About Mary Hove

Professional counselor with 30 years of experience working with diverse populations around issues of domestic abuse, sexual harassment and child sexual abuse. As Director of Education, delivered prevention programs to professionals, parents, children and the community. Currently co-facilitator of the Non-offending Parent’s group.

About Dale Morgan

Dale is responsible for leading and managing the organization’s internal operations and functions. She provides key support to the organization and its staff. Dale oversees facilities and equipment, makes sure the agency meets grant requirements, manages human resources, and ensures compliance with all standards, rules, and regulations.

About Kelly Ace

Kelly oversees our Treatment, Abuse Prevention Education, and Professional Training programs. She collaborates with schools, human service providers, and community groups to provide educational materials and experiences that enhance children’s safety and increase public awareness of child sexual abuse and its effects. She leads our treatment team and also spearheads our Many Languages, One Voice initiative to reach out to families and communities whose first language is not English.

About Sarah Gibbons

Sarah leads Family Support Line under the direction of the Board of Directors with the goal of advancing the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Along with the program directors, she ensures that the highest quality of service is provided to children and families served by Family Support Line.  An experienced nonprofit leader with a wealth of experience in strategic planning, community engagement, program management, and partnership building, Sarah began serving as Executive Director in 2019. She works with the Board to maintain proper accountability of the organization, adherence to all regulations, and good stewardship.  

About Lesi Elbirn

Lesi coordinates the intake process for DCCAC cases. As a family advocate, she also provides emotional support and a sense of physical and emotional safety for the child and the non-offending caregiver by creating an accepting, non-judgmental environment. Additionally, Lesi provides information on services that are offered within the child’s community that can help further assist them in their recovery from the impact of the crime.

About Mary Anne Eves

Mary Anne handles the administrative aspects of Family Support Line. She maintains all AP/AR files and assists FSL’s part-time accounting staff with the bookkeeping. She oversees all personnel records, keeping them up-to-date and in compliance with current regulations. She works closely the Executive Director, the Operations Coordinator, and the Development Coordinator to maintain accurate records of all donations to FSL, including acknowledgement of these donations. She also works with Kelly Ace, the Program Director, to prepare materials needed for the many outreach programs FSL provides to the community.

About Hannah Fitzgerald

Hannah serves as a family advocate and provides services to families by working with them throughout the entire process. She coordinates the intake process by communicating with families, law enforcement, Children and Youth Services, the District Attorney, and any other individuals involved. After the initial contact, she provides advocacy services by meeting with non-offending caregivers to provide information on the interview process, referrals for medical and counseling services, and education on the judicial system. She also supports families throughout their journey by providing follow up calls to address any questions or concerns, providing case updates when possible, and providing court accompaniment if needed.

About Molly Hampson

Molly is responsible for organizing and managing fundraising activities and donor relations to support Family Support Line. She works closely with the Executive Director to create and execute development plans. She is also responsible for communication and promotion with the goal to increase awareness in the community about Family Support Line and the Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center.

About Alicia Brough

Alicia is a Group Co-Leader for the Kid’s Psychosocial Skills Group.  She strives to make the group a meaningful safe space.  She works with children to develop skills to express their feelings in a healthy manner.  Children are taught and practice a variety of activities designed to improve self-regulation such as breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and relaxation techniques.  These skills help individuals cope with a variety of stressors and can be particularly helpful for those exposed to trauma.

About Madelyn Madary

Madelyn opens cases and schedules and coordinates forensic interviews for the children. She is usually the first point of contact with the family, making it important for her to hear them out, try to reassure them that bringing their child in for an interview is in the child’s best interest, answers questions they may have about the interview, and gives an overview of what the visit will be like.

About Patricia Obilo-Azandegbe

Patricia Obilo-Azandegbe is a Licensed Practitioner of Counseling (LPC) who graduated with her Master’s degree from Temple University. Patricia has over 6 years of experience working with children and families in various outpatient settings and is certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). She joined the FSL team in 2019 and has been providing trauma therapy to the child survivors of sexual abuse population that we serve. 

About Stephanie Scroggins

Stephanie is working as the receptionist for Family Support Line.  She is responsible for setting the tone of care in the reception area for the children and families who have experienced trauma along with working with the professional staff.

About Caroline Tamaccio

We strive to make Group a meaningful and safe space.  We work with children served at the center on self -regulation, relaxation and breathing exercises.  We play games and create art.  These activities help to teach social skills, as well as coping skills for a variety of stressors. They can be particularly helpful techniques for those exposed to trauma. 

About Crystal Gray

Crystal oversees the Delaware County Child Advocacy Center, under the direction of the Executive Director. She supervises all DCCAC staff and works as part of a multi-disciplinary team in approaching all forms of child abuse investigations in Delaware County. Crystal is Spanish speaking and trained in the National Child Advocacy Center (NCAC) protocol that provides a trauma informed approach in Forensic Interviewing.

About Tyhesha Johnson

Tyhesha greets families and supervises children while monitoring the client reception area. She provides support to program Directors and the Operations Manager. Tyhesha assists with the intake process for DCCAC in addition to routing calls and ensuring administrative tasks are complete.

About Jovanni Velez

Jovanni works under the direction of the Program Director and conducts Forensic Interviews and works as part of a multi-disciplinary team. She is Spanish speaking and has been trained in National Child Advocacy Center (NCAC) protocol that provides a trauma informed approach in Forensic Interviewing.


Family Support Line has four main goals:

1)Provide treatment services to all members of a family who have experienced sexual abuse creating an environment of support and understanding that leads to a full recovery.

2) Ensure high quality, professional service provision to children, families, professionals and community members. 

3) Develop prevention initiatives that meet the increasing needs of specific constituencies in the area.

4) Create communities that support and care about the health and safety of children and families.

About Alice Hasbrouck

Alice is co-leader of NOP support group. She has worked with FSL in this role since she was a doctoral level intern in 2005. Alice’s undergraduate degree is in human development, and early childhood education and she works as a school psychologist for Early Intervention.